Who we are

The culture we have created at Zenzic Capital is one where we can all thrive

Zenzic Capital

Across the business and listening to our external stakeholders, people have told us where our real strengths lie, and where they can take us. We are building a business for the future, a connected business that puts our clients, borrowers and partners first.

We are known for our creative thinking and initiative, no matter the circumstances of the capital solution required. We go a long way to clarify the ambitions and challenges of anyone we work alongside and always aim to provide the support, rigour and reassurance required for every transaction we are involved in either as principal or advisor.

Our values are vital to us, as individuals and as a business, helping us define a high-performing culture in which everyone has the chance to make the best of themselves.

The principles that guide us

Mastering Complexity
It’s simple: we thrive on complexity. We never expect a walk in the park when we work with a business. We go a long way to clarify their ambitions and challenges and work hard to make sure every transaction is accompanied by rigour, discipline, and support.

Live it, Breath it
The biggest thing we share as a team and what binds us together is our commitment to our clients’ ambition. We live and breath their business and share in their success as if it were our own.

No Boxes, Please
We are known for our creative thinking and initiative. Without an open, welcoming, supportive work setting where people can express themselves and idea can flow freely, we would only be half the team we are.

Striving for Better
Our focus is on finding a better way to deliver financial solution. That cannot be done without drive, agility, a broad skillset, and a collective appetite for thinking outside of the banking box.

Mastering Complexity
We never beat around the bush or dress things up. We are always honest with clients and aim to provide them with the support, rigour, and reassurance they need to know that they are in safe hands.