Special Opportunities

Zenzic Capital

Highly flexible investor in asset-backed special situations in Europe. Key investment parameters/considerations are:

Ticket Size

  • £10-£30m 


  • Can invest across the capital structure Stretch senior, 1st lien, 2nd lien, preferred equity and selectively JV equity.

Use of Funds

  • Transitional & development capital for construction, development, capex, acquisitions. 
  • Restructuring & white knight financings: refinancing, repurchase of existing debt, recapitalisation etc. 
  • Acquisition & growth capital: revolving facility, opportunistic, portfolio growth. 

Target Sectors

real estate-related businesses: healthcare, leisure etc.

traditional real estate: residential, office, logistics etc.

energy / infrastructure: solar, wind, waste etc.

other real assets: transportation, equipment etc.

financial assets: claims, specialty lending, etc.