Debt Advisory

Zenzic Capital

Since 2014 we have advised on over £3bn worth of transactions. With a core focus on innovative and intelligent financing solutions, we draw on our in-depth, global experience to realise the most appropriate structures. Navigating ever-more-complex demands, we can offer an increasingly diverse range of potential financing sources.

We advise on

  • Preparation and due diligence for debut borrowers
  • Strategic direction in complex situations
  • Dealing with multi-layer capital structure solutions
  • Addressing specific business or asset requirements

We provide solutions for

  • Asset or corporate financings
  • Private, direct institutional loans
  • Bespoke junior capital
  • Distressed or performing scenarios
  • Equity replacement

Sectors we cover

Real Estate

Leisure & Hospitality

Specialty Finance

Renewable Energy

Aviation / Shipping

Equipment Leasing